Jai Maa
October 2016

Singing bowl in brass metal produces sounds which invokes a deep state of relaxation, this naturally assists one in entering into meditation. These are a quintessential aid to meditation, and can be found on private Buddhist altars, in temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world. Each bowl comes with a colorful cushion and a stick. This oriental artistic looking singing bowl helps you decorate sacred parts of your home in Buddhist way. And when you are in the mood, just play on this bowl to achieve much needed serenity.
Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl

Karatal is a hand percussion instrument from India. This karatal pair is another form of manjira or hand cymbal. This kartal pair is consist of a wooden frame with two long, straight handles that connect to each other with two short wooden handles; the open space between the long handles has a wooden separator that separates two rows of three brass cymbal. There are also small cymbals fixed into wood blocks forming another type of instrument.

Ever since we humans knew religion, the ‘Aadi Shakti’, the goddess represented purity, fertility and prosperity. Mythology and religious sentiments have always found association in Goddess statues. Most of the religions including the so-called Pagan cults have adorned the sacred feminine and this found vent in some of the most breath-takingly sculpted goddess statues. They are considered luck charms. Our collection of Goddess statues are intricately carved representations of the sacred feminine spirit.
 Lakshmi Ganesha Saraswati
Brass, a perfect union of copper and zinc, is used since 500 BC. Our exquisite collection of brass statues captures the eternal, ethereal beauty of brass in timeless pieces of art. An art form that can enhance the ornate allure of interiors be it home, office or just about any place. No tastefully done interior is complete without a brass statue or sculpture. Connoisseurs place brass artwork in all together a different bracket, defined by no other art form. These religious statues are perfect imitation of our artisans skill.
Indian artisans make various types of brass artifacts, acclaimed as much for their beauty and strength of form as their utility. Highly skilled artisans, put in their greatest devotion to render- fine quality, impeccable finish and a graceful persona to the sculptures.

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