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Neel Madhav:- How the earlier form of Jagannath came to Puri, Odisha after being posessed by Brahma, Indra and Ravana?

: According to Brahma Purana, in Satya Yuga, Lord Brahma wished for an idol of Lord Vishnu for his holy abode. So, following his instruction, Vishwakarma, the Lord of architecture, made a four-armed Vishnu idol. It was made of sapphire and that is why was known as Neel Madhav. Being extremely pleased, Brahma placed it on the top of Mount Sumeru.
One day, Indra, the king of heaven, came to pay a visit to Brahma. When he saw the idol, he instantly fall in love with it and begged it from Brahma. Brahma granted his wish and Indra returned back to heaven with Neel Madhav.
But in Treta Yuga, when Ravana, the Rakshasa king of Lanka, saw the idol after defeating Indra in war and conquering the heaven, he send it to his younger brother Vibhishana. In Dvapara Yuga, it is believed, Neel Maadhav got it's place in Krishna's Dvaraka. But when the town submerged in ocean after Krishna's death, Neel Madhav too had lost in vast water.
It is believed that, in Kali Yuga, ocean himself placed the idol in a cave temple of Nilagiri, the blue mountain belongs to present days Puri, Odisha. Thus, Neel Madhav, the earlier form of Jagannath, finally got a steady place of worshipping again.

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